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Print clients still make up the majority of the illustration and design work I produce and 80% of that print work I produce for magazines and newspapers. Books, posters, fliers, and packaging contribute to the remaining 20%. Below are a few  layouts, including Washington Post, Waitrose, Daily Mail & ISP.

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From toys to Airplanes and from footwear to Record sleeves,  my work has been applied to products by a wide and varied range of clients. Below are examples of surface design and fashion illustration for Custo Barcelona & Tookata People. Watches for Modify, hand painted eggs for Morissons Supermarkets,



Several advertising campaigns I've worked on have run online as well on social media. Live painting 'cel-eggrities' requested on Morrisons Supermarket's twitter feed was great fun. I painted five a day in response to users egg celebrity name puns and tweeted the eggs at the end of the day via their Twitter account.