Children's book ESCAPADES IN HOLT is now available

COVER shoot.jpg

I’ve just taken delivery of the first copies of Escapades In Holt. The book can be read as a stand alone picture book or used to follow a walking trail around the Georgian town of Holt as the town mascot, a Tawny Owl relays tales, legends and historical facts about the town.

We paid a lot of attention to colour repro at proofing stage so the colours in this book really ping. Really bright and lively, with a tactile paper stock.

The whole book was drawn exclusively using a small selection of natural media brushes for Photoshop, developed by Kyle T Webster. I’ve been using these for 5 or 6 years now and they bridge a massive gap between natural media and what’s been achievable in Photoshop for decades. I can work in the natural media line and texture work whilst obtaining the exact colour repro I need. Best of both worlds.

Hope this book in some way inpires a visit to Holt, Norfolk. It’s a beautiful town.

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